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Olivia Harband

Everything You Need to Know About the Shoe Collaboration Bringing Post-Impressionist Art ‘Off The Wall’

While admiring a multi-million dollar art piece from the post-impressionist era, my response has never been, “Wow, I wish I could wear this painting as a pair of sneakers.” But after the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collaboration, that statement changed.

The California skate company; Van’s and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam recently released a limited-edition collection. This series features the Gogh’s most prominent works, including skull (1887), almond blossom (1890), sunflowers (1889) and his self-portrait as a painter (1887-1888). The merchandise serves as an unconventional tribute to the artist’s emotive, unconstrained and passionate artistic style. The pursuit of raw and uncensored freedom, is a concept shared by skateboarders and creative artists alike.

When looking at the shoes themselves the timelessness and attention to detail is evident, elements from Gogh’s paintings are expertly arranged across the shoe face, as subtle details such as; the artists’ handwriting and brushstrokes allude to the checkerboard print used on Vans’ most classic sneaker.

This collaboration has been successful in furthering the museum’s 2018-2020 goal of connect a younger generation to classic art; nearly all of the merchandise has already sold out and there are rumors of a restock.

In a press release Adriaan Dönszelmann, Managing Director of the Van Gogh Museum said, “We are delighted with the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection as it ties in with our mission to make the life and work of Vincent van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible in order to enrich and inspire them.”

Additionally, all the made profit from the collaboration will be donated to the museum and the preservation of Van Gogh’s works.  To be notified about the next restock of these mini masterpieces, subscribe to the museums online newsletter.


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